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We build fast growing DTC ecommerce brands and 
scale them with our in-house growth teams 
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Our Areas of Focus

Health & Supplements
Building direct-response focused Health & Supplement brands with high-end formulations that solve acute problems.
Beauty & Skincare
Building science backed Beauty & Skincare brands that focus on high-quality ingredients.
Food & Drink
Building brands that capitalize on growing trends or novel ways of consumption in the food and drink space with focus on higher-value items.

How we build brands

In-House Growth Team
Driving fast and profitable growth in the 1-10M ARR range
Influencer and content creator partnerships
Working closely with content creators for content, promotion and product development collaborations. 
Consolidated operations and logistics
Finding efficiencies and combining learnings from multiple brands and product categories.
Dedicated product development
Differentiating with in-house product development and manufacturing partnerships.
Tackling fragmented EU markets
Focusing on EU markets with localized approaches, tailored logistics & payments.
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